Blooming cherry blossoms

(Shanghai, March 2020)
Aly Song (Shanghai, China)

In a normal year, huge mobs would pack the park. But this year, with the novel coronavirus crisis, local agencies and officials are discouraging crowds by recommending any visitors to maintain a safe distance from each other or  closing of the park. Being in lockdown is numbing, frightening and frustrating. It makes me feel vulnerable and powerless. ‚Blooming cherry blossoms‘ symbolizes stepping into the unknown –  the idea of ‚the times of pandemic and life‘ and the insecurity of not knowing what lies ahead. The picture symbolizes not only the unwillingness to accept reality, for a greater sense, this picture is about the space between mortality and a spiritual state. 

I created this piece to sooth my own restless mind –  to prepare myself for the possibility that during this pandemic, and to remind myself that life is fluid and ever-changing, and it is okay not to know what lies ahead. Finding inspiration and motivation to create is more difficult during the coronavirus crisis because oftentimes, making art is a social activity.