The World on Pause

Photo exhibition and contest
18th - 22nd November 2020

Every year a thematic photo exhibition takes place as part of the JULA festival. In recent years, authors have reflected on the topic of self-identification, showed their visions of the world upside down, examined various behavioral patterns and dealt with GoGreen questions. This year we want to look together at the world, which is changing at a crazy speed and thus dictating a kind of information framework of a global and personal nature. An unexpected still image reminds us that sometimes it is necessary to stop enjoying a moment of silence and appreciate the joy of forthcoming meeting. Very often we underestimate the importance of breaks in our lives and hardly notice that they actually occur everywhere and accompany us constantly… Before we cross the street we stop at a red light. Starting the new day we take a cup of freshly brewed coffee to breathe in the aroma of a miraculous drink. We stop to relish a moment, sometimes even a second long, to count the colors of the rainbow in the sky, to catch a warm ray of sunshine on your face or just to toss a coin to an unknown street musician who is playing your favorite tune.

We do not notice that even nature repeatedly wakes up from a long hibernation in order to adorn the world with its luscious spring colors with new strength. There is a pause between inhaling and exhaling, before jumping from a height and before a step into a new life. There is a break in beautiful music and in favorite poems, between fixing a frame picture and pressing a button on the camera shutter. The break is a completely natural state of life and life is not an eternally playing record. It is characterized by relaxation and pauses in which you watch the world and the world comes back to you. The world in 2020 was shaped by serious challenges. The distinctive waiting state and the time to rethink prepare us for a new phase that shows us that there is no continuation without an interruption! 

We are even more pleased to present you the best photos on The World on Pause from the year full of absolute surprises and human non / indifference! Many thanks to everyone! 

Stay safe!