Belarusian wallpaper

(Minsk, March 2020)
Marina Serebrjakova (Minsk, Belarus)

Unfortunately, we could accept only single pictures for our contest. But we got some beautiful and meaningful series and decided to share it with our viewers as well.


From the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in Belarus, there have been large-scale changes in public life. And, although the lockdown was not introduced at the state level, some of the bans still affected people. For example, a ban on concerts and other public events. At this time, I began to photograph poster stands, which in a few months turned into an absolutely unnecessary urban attribute. Old faded posters were removed, but new ones were not printed. Gradually, the curbstones acquired a raid of desolation, layers of paint mixed with old paper began to bare. At the same time, the wallpaper factory took advantage of the helplessness of some pedestals and pasted them over with its products. „Nothing is happening in Belarus“ – this is the visual message we get from the posters. In fact, this is not entirely true: the movement just shifted from cultural and entertainment to political, and fresh posters turned into digital underground telegram channels.