Metro without people

(Moscow, March-May 2019)
Dmitry Filatov (Moscow, Russia)

Unfortunately, we could accept only single pictures for our contest. But we got some beautiful series and decided to share it with our viewers as well. Enjoy the magnificence of empty Moscow metro stations.


A photo project was born as a small idea, which, after a year and a half of reflection, was rethought into a huge project, which I had to carry out over the course of several months of my life, almost every day. 

Now, the photo project covers more than 200 stations of the Moscow Metro and will be supplemented with the opening of new branches and stations and the opportunities I have. 

  • In order to get ready-made photographs of each station, I had to take a total of more than 3,000 pictures.
  • In order to get 1 finished photo of the station, I took up to 80 photos, and then manually selected up to 20 frames which I further processed and received 1 ready photo.